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Vinifier is a container, which is widely used in the wine industry and is designed for wine fermentation. The quality of the vinifier is important, because it affects the taste, smell and color of the wine product. Experts of company INPROMINOX possess necessary experience and knowledge, that allows providing high quality of produced vinifikator, containers for wine fermentation. We manufacture and supply: vertical vinifiers.

Vertical vinifiers are hermetically sealed, flat-bottomed stainless steel tanks for long-term storage of liquids under an inert gas cap. Vertical vinifiers are used in winemaking and other food industries.

Вы можете заказать винификатор из нержавеющей стали у компании INPROMINOX.

More about vinifiers 

Fermentation is a natural process, the basis on which domestic and industrial wine production is based. Wine fermentation requires the activity of wild yeasts present on the surface of berries. To speed up and automate the process, the wine industry uses vinifiers. These are special stainless steel tanks, in which grape must is infused with solids (mesge). In this way the extraction of colorful and aromatic substances takes place, which give the drink its special taste, aroma and color.

INPROMINOX designs, manufactures, supplies and installs the vinifikator at a reasonable price. The equipment is made of cold-rolled sheet steel with protective coating AISI 304, resistant to corrosion and bacteria. During the work on the project we take a comprehensive approach to the solution of the problem and take into account the specifics of the enterprise, offering “turnkey” solutions



Depending on the objectives and requirements of the customer, we produce vinifiers in different volumes, constructional designs and with the desired range of characteristics.  

The Vinifier ensures the infusion of must and the extraction of coloring and aromatic substances. It is used for the production of red wines (maceration is long and takes place during alcoholic fermentation), short-term ageing of white wines (maceration precedes alcoholic fermentation and takes much less time). Units can be of different designs (flat bottom, cone bottom, cone bottom with a cut end) and equipped with a sprinkling system (mash is fed to the mash cap from the bottom through a sprinkling unit).

  You can also orderTank and heat exchanger equipment from us.



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