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Fermenter is a specialized container designed for fermentation and fermentative processes in wine production. The fermenter is also used as a storage container for wine and other food products. 

Making dry wine involves separating the grape juice from the skins, a technique that differs from making red wine. To get a light, invigorating drink, the must is fermented in a special fermentation equipment – a fermenter. It is used not only in the wine industry, but also in the production of beer, kvass, and baking. The fermenter’s purpose is not limited to providing fermentation processes: it stores wines and other food liquids.

INPROMINOX is engaged in the engineering, production, delivery and installation of beer and wine fermenters. Depending on the specific activities and tasks of the customer, we will manufacture equipment of the required size, design and with the required set of characteristics

You can order the fermenters from INPROMINOX.

Why choose us ?

Our specialists have successfully completed hundreds of complex projects, which is possible thanks to:

  • A great deal of accumulated experience. We know all the nuances that can arise in the operation of stirred fermenters. We offer effective solutions to meet customer requirements;
  • The use of high-class raw materials and advanced technology, as well as modern precision machines guarantee the creation of reliable, productive fermenters.

More plants we produce for winemaking contains a catalog of tank equipment on the company’s website.



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