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The press of this model is designed for winemakers who want to produce high quality wines with modern
equipment. The press is characterized by its simple structure, which makes it easy to use and allows quick and
thorough cleaning at the end of the job.

The most important advantage is its cost efficiency, since the press is adapted to press
Any number of grapes can be pressed. The press can also be upgraded with many additional options on request.


  • Mounted on casters with double brakes
  • Silent BECKER piston compressor – integrated in the machine housing
  • Silent device for rapid inflation
  • Silent vacuum suction device
  • Axial loading with manual valve option
  • Automation AE
  • PLC control panel with 4 built-in programs for different types of grapes and according to the process
  • Separate manual control
  • Protection installed on both sides of the press
  • Large door opening on the cylinder
  • Double sliding doors
  • The design makes it easy to clean the space under the sliding doors
  • Power supply: 380 V
  • Control programs: The press is equipped with a modern 4.3-inch color touch screen. The controls
    are user-friendly and offer many options. In addition to all “manual” functions included
    fully automatic operation. For this purpose, the control system is equipped with 8 pre-set
    programs, a central filling program and a maceration program. In addition the program
    offers the possibility to create programs according to your needs.


Axial loading DN80

The axial loading valve allows the mass to be loaded into the baler through a special opening on the rear side of the drum.
Filling is done by a pump and the drum can be rotated during the filling process.

Rinse port DN80

The rinse port on the cylinder makes it easier to clean the inside of the cylinder because the flushing fluid
is constantly being drained.



  • The support frame and cart are made of steel, polished and painted with food-grade powder paint. The paint is durable as the painted frames are placed in an industrial quality oven.
  • The tray and the pressure plate are made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • The basket is made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • The cart is used to move the entire press. Also, thanks to the lever system, it can be used to remove only the pallet with the basket.
  • The frame without wheels is very stable.
  • The hydraulic press is equipped with a power unit that maintains a constant baling pressure via sensors. The sensors automatically control the stopping and restarting of the pump to the required pressure from 0 to 350 bar (400 bar) on demand.
  • Version with control panel and settings + DRIVE VOLUME VOLUME VOLUME VOLUME (INVERTOR)
  • The piston has a diameter of 120 mm and a stroke of 750 mm.
  • Stainless steel basket with a capacity of 220 to 480 liters.

We offer equipment for grape pressing:

  • Pneumatic membrane presses
  • Basket presses

The pneumatic membrane press is designed for pressing whole grapes, crushed grapes as well as for pressing fermented pulp. Pressing is done by means of an air cushion pressure. The press is equipped with a diaphragm made of a non-toxic material and is mounted on paddle bearings. The supports are in turn mounted on the shaft of the perforated drum.

Diaphragm presses are divided into open and closed presses.

With traditional presses, with the side location of the membrane, only 50% of the drum surface is perforated. Presses with centrally arranged membrane have the cylinder perforated over the entire surface (360 degrees), which doubles the wort drainage area and therefore halves the pressing time.

Crushed grapes are pressed at lower working pressures and fewer pressing cycles, resulting in high quality musts with a minimum of suspended solids.

The maximum pressure of pressing not exceeding 1.5 bar is used only when it is necessary to carry out complete drying of the grape mass and only at a small number of cycles at the end of the pressing program. The presence of circular collectors, as opposed to longitudinal ones, makes the washing process much easier.

The basket press is designed for pressing whole grapes, crushed grapes and also for pressing fermented pulp. It is used for the production of small batches of high quality wine material.

You can order a stainless steel pneumatic, diaphragm or basket press for grapes from INPROMINOX.

Grape press: characteristics of the equipment

The industrial press is designed for processing wine material and making wine. We manufacture pneumatic presses for wine making that meet the requirements of the technological process.

  1. The unit is equipped with highly efficient drainage channels that are self-cleaning.
  2. Increased drainage surface area for fast and efficient juice outflow. This reduces pressing time and improves the quality of the squeezing.
  3. The loading hatch is optimally sized and positioned for easy access and loading.
  4. Presses for pressing grapes can be equipped with cooling jackets to control the temperature of the wine material inside the equipment.
  5. The thermal insulation of the tank ensures compliance with the requirements in the production of flavored, high-quality beverages.
  6. The programming system allows for pressure control and material mixing.
  7. Easy maintenance and hygienic. High-pressure air blowing and high-pressure water flushing of the machine is done in minutes, ensuring uninterrupted production.

Equipment for industrial winemaking from INPROMINOX is an example of high performance of industrial plants in synthesis with convenient operation. Leave an order on the site using a special form: we will calculate the cost of manufacturing a grape press and send the information to the e-mail.

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