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Brewing – beer production equipment

Tasty, refreshing beer with a slight bitterness quenches thirst in the summer heat and will be the best addition to a hearty meal in the cold season. The popularity of beer among the population determines the profitability of brewing on an industrial scale, of course, with a prudent approach to business. When it comes to the taste properties of the beverage, the brewery equipment with which all stages of production are equipped plays a major role.

INPROMINOX designs, manufactures, delivers and installs vessel and process equipment for the brewing industry. We design and implement both units for equipping an entire production line and an individual component. Our specialists are guided by the specifics and scale of the enterprise, as well as by the customer’s tasks.

Brewing tanks

Filling lines

 INPROMINOX is engaged in the design and manufacture of vessel and process equipment for the brewing industry. 

Equipment for beer production, brewing

The speed with which investments in production and profitability pay off is directly related to brewing efficiency, a key indicator in this field. Essentially, it refers to the amount of end product that the brewer gets from a unit of malt and the intensity of production application. The performance of high quality, modern equipment, along with the fraction of crushed grain and the speed of the crush washing, affects the efficiency. Each of the stages of beverage creation involves machines and containers for different purposes.

  1. The malt crusher grinds the raw material for the extraction of the extract..
  2.  In a mashing vat, the enzymes necessary for fermentation are extracted from the malt poured with hot water.
  3. Filter – van – equipment for the brewery, in which the wort and fraction are separated.
  4. A brew kettle is needed for heat treatment and introduction of additives.
  5. Flotation units are designed for wort post-treatment and clarification. The device works according to the hydrocyclone principle.
  6. Cylindrical-conical tanks, in which the wort is turned into a young beer.
  7. Filtration in filters is provided when making light beer.
  8. Forms – containers in which stabilization takes place, which ensures long storage.
  9. Pasteurisers.
  10. Bottling and packaging of beer.

We offer equipment for breweries and plants of different capacities: we are able to produce tanks of different volume and configuration. All equipment for production, brewing beer is made of stainless steel on high-precision machines. Leave an application on the site and we will contact you in the shortest possible time.

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