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Tanks for wine, water and other drinks and liquids

We produce stainless steel tanks of food grade for all liquid and bulk products that are used in various sectors: wine, brewing, dairy and pharmaceutical industry.

The production of wine, beer, liquor, dairy and chemical products cannot do without tanks in which liquids and bulk solids are stored. High safety requirements are imposed on them due to the further consumption of products in food. That is why it is so important to use stainless tank equipment of high quality.

INPROMINOX offers design, manufacture, supply and installation of liquid storage tanks in different sizes and range of characteristics. Our products are used in the wine, liquor, dairy and chemical industries. We produce tanks of any volume, design and purpose.

You can order stainless steel tanks and containers from INPROMINOX.

Completed projects:

Tanks for storing liquids: a range of equipment

Volumetric tanks are mainly used for long-term storage of liquids, less often they are used to provide technological processes. A set of characteristics determines the suitability of tanks for the assigned tasks and allows you to save the taste and organoleptic properties of the liquid medium. It is possible to order stainless tank equipment of different types from us:

  1. By purpose – for storing, blending, processing or measuring the volume of wine; storage of liquor, dairy, cosmetic, pharmaceutical products.
  2. Depending on the design, these can be tanks with a cooling and/or heating jacket, agitator, etc.
  3. According to the location of the installation – horizontal, vertical, single and multi-tiered..
  4. Depending on the liquids stored in the tanks, we produce tanks with conical, elliptical and spherical bottoms.
  5. By functional use – equipment for storage and technological processes (the one in which the product reaches full readiness).

Stainless steel tanks are not affected by corrosion and bacterial agents, do not affect the taste of the product during storage, which is an indicator of compliance with hygienic standards. Extensive experience of our experts and the use of advanced technologies in production allows us to implement the most complex projects, meeting the requirements of the customer. Producing food storage equipment, we take an integrated approach to solving the problem, taking into account the specifics of the enterprise. Leave an application on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss order details.

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