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Crushers and Destemmers

Crushers is designed for grape processing: separation of berries from combs. The unit allows the processing of large volumes of raw materials in wineries.                            Crushers are made of food grade stainless steel. 

Wine is a traditional drink for the consumer, it is present both on the festive table and during the usual meal. Sales of products are not tied to seasonality, so winemaking will be a profitable business, provided a competent approach to its organization. Modern, productive installations, including crushers for grapes, guarantee the production of wine with excellent organoleptic properties.

INPROMINOX designs, manufactures, supplies and installs crushers with comb separators. The use of innovative industrial solutions and our extensive experience allow us to implement the most complex projects for companies with different product scales.

                                                                                                                                                      You can order a wine crusher from INPROMINOX.

Crusher : principle of operation and characteristics

Grape juice is the material for making wine in winemaking. To extract juice from berries, the technique of ripping the peel and crushing the berries is used. Separating the ridges from the grapes and crushing the berries without grinding the pips is the purpose of the crusher.

Our company manufactures grape crusher with a windrow separator of roller type. Structurally, the equipment consists of four cylindrical rollers of equal diameter, which rotate in pairs with the same frequency in opposite directions. The separation of berries from the combs takes place before the moment of crushing, which prevents the fragments of the combs from getting into the must and giving the composition of the finished wine a characteristic flavor.

The crusher has the possibility to adjust the gap between the mechanisms upward or downward. The equipment for primary winemaking is equipped with a safety device, which stops operation if a foreign body gets on rolls.

Reasons to buy a crusher from us :

  • Capacitive and technological equipment is manufactured on high-precision machines, which guarantees that the performance characteristics of the products comply with the requirements in the design documentation;
  • Crusher is made of rugged AISI 304 stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion;
  • The accumulated experience and competence of the engineering staff make it possible to create plants of European quality.

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