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Crusher-stemming machine model ALFA 16

Available with inline sliding crusher, the SRAML DS-type destemmer series features a loading hopper and mechanically controlled auger to feed the grapes into the PVC cage to be stemmed, length- and inclination-adjustable rubber tips on the destemming shaft and electronic speed variator to control the cage and shaft rotation.

Its heavy-duty stainless-steel frame is mounted on telescopic legs with caster wheels to be easily adjusted to any environment and operating condition.

  • Large loading hopper with independent auger drive for easy adjustment of the incoming grape load
  • Polyethylene cage available in different hole sizes
  • Destemmer shaft with soft rubber tips adjustable by length and inclination
  • Electronic speed variator to control the cage and shaft rotation
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy and fast tool-free (dis)assembly
  • Easy access to the interior for efficient cleaning and maintenance


35-502,621.280/ 1.480 (+crusher)3570х1235х1715

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