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We offer industrial, technological and tank equipment made of stainless steel for winemaking. We produce equipment for grape reception, wine material storage, wine processing and must production.







Industrial winemaking is a profitable business, provided that all stages of production are properly planned. The profitability of the business depends not only on the marketing strategy: the organoleptic properties of the wine are primarily important, which are determined by the quality of the raw materials and the equipment used.

INPROMINOX offers tank and process equipment for the industrial wine industry. Our specialists will design, manufacture, supply and install the equipment for all stages of the production of white and red wine – from the primary treatment of the grapes to the champagne production. All equipment is made individually for each order, according to the specifics of the enterprise.

INPROMINOX designs and manufactures tank and process equipment for the wine industry.


Machines and tanks for grape processing must meet the challenges of production, ensuring that processes are carried out as automatically as possible. The whole range is represented by different types of equipment.

  1. Tank equipment (reservoirs and tanks for wine fermentation). A wide range of process tanks for wort kneading, fermentation, wort dilution, wine storage and blending.
  2. The acceptance inspection line performs reception and inspection of grapes.
  3. Receiving hoppers – a type of process equipment, whose task – receiving raw materials to ensure the uniform operation of the line.
  4. Rake crushers crush the wine material and clean it from the ridges. The metric of the gaps between the rotating mechanisms can be changed in the plant settings.
  5. Presses. Membrane press equipment for wine processing can be of open (for red wine production) and closed (white wine) types. Installation of the units allows to automate the process and to simplify its washing.
  6. Basket press equipment is designed to separate the pulp from the grapes.
  7. Horizontal vinifikator is a cylindrical tank with a conical bottom, in which red wines are infused and the extraction of coloring and aromatic substances is carried out. The cyclic rotation of the tank sets in motion the internal screws, ensuring that the must is stirred at a given temperature.
  8. Vertical vinifiers are equipment for primary winemaking in which maceration – fermentation of red wine meshes is carried out. It is also used for short-term aging of white wines.
  9. Fermenters are vats in which white wine material is continuously fermented.
  10. Conveyors move grapes, pulp and pomace.
  11. Stainless meters – installations for measuring the volume of liquids.
  12. The filtration equipment is designed for filtration of liquids with high solids content. The process is continuous due to automation.
  13. Flotation plants are used for wort clarification in the wort stream. The small nitrogen or air bubbles formed in the wort capture the solids and bring them to the surface.
  14. Pumping equipment pumps pulp and thick liquids.
  15. Heat-exchange equipment in the primary winemaking industry is used for the cold processing of crushed wine material and must.
  16. Refrigeration equipment quickly cools finished products in-stream.
  17. Acratophores are industrial winemaking equipment in which the wine material is champened.

Extensive experience of working with large enterprises allows our specialists to solve the tasks set by the customer. A comprehensive approach and innovative solutions are the key to achieving high results and customer satisfaction. A quality management system ensures compliance with standards.

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