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Tank equipment for primary and secondary treatment in liquor production

For the enterprises of alcoholic beverage production we offer various container equipment with the capacity from 0,1 to 400 m3. We produce from AISI 304, AISI 316 food-grade stainless steel. Tank equipment is delivered on support stands or on a frame foundation:

  • tank equipment for the preparation of circulation mixture, blending and storage of spirits with a capacity from 0.1 m3 to 400 m3;
  • Distillers for the production of premium quality spirits for the production of cognacs, brandies and whiskeys;
  • batch and continuous alcohol distillation columns;
  • laser-calibrated meters from 25 to 1000 dal;
  • sand filters, diatomaceous earth filters;
  • horizontal filter presses;
  • coal columns;membrane, tangential filter;
  • refrigerating plants





INPROMINOX designs and manufactures tanks and process equipment for distilleries.

Equipment for the alcoholic beverage industry

Balsams, liqueurs, cognacs and other alcoholic products are an indispensable attribute of festive banquets on the tables of domestic consumers. Despite the rather high competition in this market segment, it is quite realistic to establish the production of alcoholic beverages and make a profit from their sale. The success of the event largely depends on the equipment for the production of alcohol, the level of its automation and compliance with the requirements of the technological process.

Tank equipment manufacturer INPROMINOX offers tanks and automated lines for the liquor industry. Modern, productive plants provide premium products and business development opportunities.

Completed projects:


The profit of a company depends on how the machines for alcohol production will work. If you are aiming at long-term and effective activity, it is worth to equip the production with modern solutions made of quality steel.

  1. Alcohol storage tanks.
  2. Lines for automatic preparation of vodka, spirits, balsams, cognac, whiskey, grappa, distillates and other alcoholic beverages. Automated process of ultra-precise dosage of ingredients, control over mixing and liquid removal eliminates the possibility of errors and getting a low-quality product.
  3. Distillation apparatuses for the production of high quality spirits, which are used in the process of making cognacs and whiskeys.
  4. Carbon columns to remove distillery oils from alcoholic beverages in order to improve the taste.
  5. Plate heat exchangers for temperature control and maintenance.
  6. Blending tanks for making blending compositions.
  7. Industrial filters.

Our alcohol production equipment is user-friendly, easy to clean, reliable and adapted to integrate into your facility. Modern installations simplify the duties of employees and ensure compliance with regulations and process requirements to achieve the highest results.

Submit an order for the manufacture of the vessel using a special form of the site. We will calculate the cost of the order and send the data by e-mail.

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