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Stainless steel technical meters

Stainless steel technical meters are designed to measure liquids by the method of pouring and pouring. Industrial meters are designed to measure the volume of liquids, have a nominal capacity from 200 to 10 000 liters.

The principle of operation is based on measuring the volume of the liquid by pouring or pouring method. Stainless steel technical meters are filled with working liquid and the volume is estimated by the marks on the scale.

Stainless steel technical meters can be:

  • vertical scale;
  • vertical at full capacity;
  • horizontal at full capacity.

Despite the high level of automation at the enterprise, stainless steel technical meters remain the most reliable way to measure liquids for record-keeping.

Here you can buy Stainless steel technical meters for wine that meet such requirements:

  • Precise indicators of rigidity and strength;
  • Stable capacity, even with continuous use;
  • Easy washing and cleaning;
  • Smooth inner surface;
  • Possibility of full drainage.

Long-lasting, operationally adequate winemaking equipment is an important component of successful operations.

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