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Stainless steel homogenizers

Dairy products are an indispensable element in the diet of children and the elderly, improving digestion. Along with the taste and organoleptic properties, the quality of the product is determined by the degree of mechanical processing of the material. For this purpose, the dairy industry uses a milk homogenizer – an apparatus for grinding fat globules. In addition to the food industry, the equipment can be used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

INPROMINOX designs, manufactures, supplies and installs industrial homogenizer mixers. We implement the most complex projects, taking into account the specifics of the enterprise and the customer’s tasks. Years of experience, modern machines and advanced technology allow us to create productive devices for industry.

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Milk homogenizer: features of usage

The use of specialized homogenizers is an integral part of the production cycle in the dairy, chemical and other industrial sectors. Production of confectionery, beverages, dairy products, medical products and cosmetics is impossible to imagine without the use of such machines. Performing mechanical crushing of fat globules or other inclusions in the heterogeneous mass, the unit ensures uniform distribution of fat in the overall mass and prevents sedimentation. In particular, the homogenizer mixer improves the digestibility and palatability of food products, as well as making full use of milk fat. For comparison, up to 16% of fat is lost in non-homogenized substances. How does a homogenizer for butter, cream, milk, honey and cosmetics work?

  1. It is essentially a plunger pump that delivers product at high pressure through an adjustable gap.
  2. Passing through the channel at high speed, the product is crushed and the fat globules are broken down into hundreds of small ones.

The production of the equipment takes into account the capacity and power requirements of the drive, which depend on the scale of production. The flow part is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. To order homogenizers for the food industry, leave an application on the website. We will contact you as soon as possible and discuss the details of cooperation. The company will provide staff training and warranty service.

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