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We offer acratophores from 5 to 50 m3 in stainless steel.

Аcrataphores — is the technological equipment for tank winemaking. There are two types of acratophores: fermentation and reception.

Fermenting Acratophores   are used for champagnization and can operate independently or in a battery of 7-8 tanks connected in series (continuous flow champagnization). The acratophore is a vertical cylindrical shape tank with torospherical bottoms, made of imported stainless steel (grade AISI 304, AISI 304L), operating at a pressure of about 600 kPa. 

You can order an acratophore for the production of sparkling wines on a turnkey basis by contacting us.

Acratophores by INPROMINOX

The soft, unstable foam on the surface of champagne is an indicator of the quality of the wine. The way the wine foams and how long the bubbles “play” in the glass is how the true connoisseurs determine the accuracy of the technology used in wine production, in particular champagnization.

Equipment for secondary fermentation of sparkling wines is manufactured by INPROMINOX LLC. We provide services of designing, production, delivery and installation of acratophores for the wine industry. Our experts take into account the specific activities of the enterprise and the challenges facing the customer, which allows us to successfully implement the most complex projects. Price of the acratophore is calculated based on the material used, additional equipment, etc.

Acratophore: features of design and operation

Champagne is the biochemical process of secondary fermentation of wine in a hermetically sealed container. At this stage the beverage is saturated with carbon dioxide compounds. The formation of the typical properties of sparkling wines depends on the bound forms of carbon dioxide R-CO2. It does not decompose when the bottle is sealed, and its molecules decompose when the bottle is opened. The long “game” of champagne, small foaming bubbles are a sign of the large amount of accumulated carbon dioxide and its strong physical and chemical bonds with other components of sparkling wine.

Long-term maturation of champagnized wine takes place in acratophores – apparatus for champagnization by tank method. This is a cylindrical container of vertical shape with torospherical bottoms. It is made of stainless steel AISI 304. The finished product is ground and polished on the weld seams and inner surface, which provides a roughness index not higher than 0.2 microns Ra.

Deciding to buy an acratophore, you get processing equipment with excellent performance characteristics:

  • Resistant to pressure and temperature fluctuations;
  • Precise temperature control and maintenance.

The heat-exchange jacket, with which the acratophore is equipped, allows to reduce the consumption of coolant. Also, according to the customer’s requirements, the equipment can be supplied with or without thermal insulation.

Our company, engaged in manufacturing of capacitive equipment according to the drawings, will fulfill the order as quickly as possible and provide warranty service. To order, leave an order on the website.



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