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Stainless steel tank equipment

Our specialization is the production of tanks and reservoirs for various purposes, including transportation and storage of liquids. We offer stainless metal tanks for the wine, brewing, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. Specialists of INPROMINOX have the necessary experience and knowledge, which ensures high quality of manufactured products. Tank equipment, the production of which is the main focus of our company, always meets all customer requirements.

INPROMINOX занимается проектированием и изготовлением емкостного и резервуарного оборудования из нержавеющей стали. 

Tank and tank equipment is indispensable in the production of milk, wine, liquor, pharmaceutical products and chemical industry. Tanks are used for storage, transportation and processing. Protecting liquids from dampness, mold and rodents, they ensure the preservation of taste and organoleptic qualities of products.

INPROMINOX offers design and manufacture of tanks of different purposes and volumes. In the production of stainless steel equipment, the experience of specialists and advanced technologies are used to produce equipment in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Stainless steel tanks: what we offer

The wine, brewing, dairy and pharmaceutical industries have requirements for tank equipment that meet their specific production requirements. You can order tanks of different design and range of characteristics.

  • Stainless steel tanks for wort kneading;
  • Tanks for wort liquefaction;
  • Tank equipment for water;
  • Buffer tanks;
  • Fermentation tanks;
  • Tanks for collecting water, light bard;
  • Storage tanks;
  • Collectors and other capacitive equipment.

Steel tank equipment is convenient in sanitary and hygienic terms: it is easy to clean and does not create an environment for reproduction of pathogenic flora. Tightness prevents evaporation of liquids, and good thermal conductivity allows to regulate the temperature.

Cold-rolled sheet steel with double-sided protective coating AISI 304, AISI 316 is used for production of tank and tank equipment. Due to this, the tanks are not exposed to aggressive media and are resistant to corrosion, which ensures long-lasting operation for a long time.


   Tank equipment plant successfully implements the most complex projects, which is possible thanks to:

  • Huge accumulated experience of specialists;
  • The use of quality raw materials and advanced technologies in production;
  • The use of high-precision machines for custom manufacturing of stainless steel vessels;
  • An integrated approach to customer objectives.

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