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  • Центробежный насос, серия150

    Centrifugal pump, Series 150

  • Центробежный винтовой насос

    Screw-type centrifugal pump series 157

  • Центробежный насос

    Centrifugal pump series 160

  • Центробежный многоступенчатый насос

    Centrifugal multistage pump, Series 170

  • Флотационные насосы Серия 180

    Flotation pumps Series 180

  • Самовсасывающие насосы Серия 200

    Self-priming pumps Series 200

  • Винтовые насосы Серия 300

    Screw pumps Series 300

  • Винтовые насосы Серия 300А

    Screw pumps Series 300A

  • Винтовые насосы Серия 300Ф

    Screw pumps Series 300F

  • Винтовые насосы Серия 310

    Screw pumps Series 310

  • Ламельные насосы Серия 350

    Flexible Impeller Pumps Series 350

  • Пластинчатые насосы Серия 370

    Vane pumps Series 370

  • Homogenizer Series 400

  • Vacuum pumps Series 500

  • Piston pumps Series 600

  • Peristaltic pumps Series 700

Pumping equipment from INPROMINOX

We offer industrial pumps with capacity from 5 to 35 m3/h (full range of stainless steel):

  • centrifugal
  • screw
  • self-priming
  • vacuums
  • homogenizers
  • impeller (lamellar) pumps.


  • Centrifugal pumps – for liquid products
  • Screw pumps – for viscous products
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Stainless steel homogenizers for the production of mayonnaise, sauces, creams
  • Impeller pumps – designed for pumping viscous products

You can order industrial pumps from INPROMINOX.

Pumping equipment

The production of wine, beer, liquor and dairy products is impossible to imagine without industrial pumps. The equipment is used to pump liquids and raw materials of different consistency: it can be a medium with a density equal to water, or very viscous, pasty substances. INPROMINOX offers design, manufacture and supply of pumping equipment for the wine, liquor, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. A wide range of devices in different designs and a wide range of characteristics is designed to solve any production tasks.

Industrial pumps: what we offer

The industrial machinery we produce meets the requirements and tasks at certain stages of the technological process. The catalog is represented by different types of equipment:

  1. Centrifugal units are pumps for pumping liquids (wine, milk, water, etc.). They are distinguished by a simple device, high efficiency, high head and liquid supply. The devices have the possibility of smooth adjustment of the pressure and delivery by means of a valve or gate valve, which are installed on the pressure line. The movement of the liquid is provided by a paddle wheel rotating in the housing. This includes industrial high-pressure water pumps and other units.
  2. Screw pumping equipment has small dimensions and simple design with relatively high efficiency (up to 90%). It is a versatile mechanism for pumping liquids of different densities; in particular, the pump is used in the dairy and cosmetics industry for pumping viscous products.
  3. Self-priming pumps are reliable and efficient and can be used in liquids with fractional impurities and gas inclusions.
  4. Vacuum pumps for air compression are indispensable in the pharmaceutical industry: the units are used for degassing test tubes, ampoules, containers with preparations.
  5. Homogenizers are used for mechanical impact on raw materials, particularly in the dairy industry, allowing you to improve the consistency, flavor properties.
  6. Impeller pumps. Flexible impeller operation triggers the pumping of soft, foaming liquids.

All products are made of stainless steel, which does not corrode when in contact with active media. Their design makes it possible to maintain hygienic standards in production, and the cleaning process is simple and fast. The use of advanced technology in the production makes it possible to operate the pumps in difficult conditions. Stainless steel tank equipment can also be ordered from us.

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