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CCT (цилиндро-конические танки)

Lush white foam, aroma of malt and hops, tart bitterness of beer do not need any advertising. Beer is one of the favorite and widely available drinks of the population, it complements both a festive feast and a meeting with friends without an occasion. The beverage made in the CCT for beer is drunk almost all year round, regardless of seasonality and days of the week, respectively, the organization of the brewery with a competent approach quickly enough to pay off and bring good profits.

To meet the consumer’s taste requirements, take care to equip the plant with productive, reliable equipment. In particular, one of the most important steps – fermentation and carbonation of beer – takes place in a CKT. INPROMINOX is engaged in engineering, manufacturing, delivery and installation of cylindrical-conical tanks. We offer tanks of different sizes and designs, depending on customer requirements and industrial scale.

You can order stainless steel cylinders from INPROMINOX.

CCT for beer: nuances of fermentation in the equipment

Before the invention of CCT, brewers used wooden fermentation tanks. The disadvantage of this method was that the beverage acquired a characteristic wood flavor, and the tanks themselves were difficult to maintain. The introduction of cylindrical-conical tanks made it possible to simplify the operation and reduce production costs. Today’s beer tanks are stainless steel vessels mounted on special stands. They are cone-shaped in the lower part and cylindrical in the upper part. This design is optimal for fermentation, as the yeast “slides” down the walls and the sediment is easier to remove. The tank comes complete with:

  • heat-exchange case, inside which the coolant circulates,
  • insulating shroud;
  • Stainless steel CCT is equipped with a lid with a manhole, measuring level;
  • The design spigots for washing, yeast drainage, beer intake and carbon dioxide drainage are provided.

The equipment and configuration of the cooled CCTs determines the capacity of the equipment. Depending on what brewing capacity is specified in the requirements and what types of beer are made, the number of CCTs is calculated. Dimensions and equipment of the tank fleet are directly related to the scale of production. The catalog on the website contains all vessels for beer fermentation. Leave an order using the form on the site and we will contact you to discuss your order.



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