INPROMINOX offers modern and comprehensive technical and technological solutions for the wine, beverage and distillery industries. Our company specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel process tank equipment, as well as service and auxiliary communications. We produce stainless steel reservoir and heat-exchange equipment, as well as service platforms, communication and auxiliary lines of standard sizes and configurations, as well as taking into account any customer requirements for designs, volumes and configurations.

Our products

Equipment produced and delivered by our company is working reliably at the enterprises in more than 10 countries of the world. Our specialists implement innovative technologies to produce equipment that will solve your production problems. During 11 years of productive work for our clients we have proved to be a reliable and worthy partner providing the best service in combination of price, quality, range of services and terms of fulfilling tasks.


Priority areas

The priority areas of the Company are modernization-reconstruction of the existing production sites and design, completing and commissioning of new plants on a turnkey basis. One of our activities is also selection, installation and commissioning of processing, filling and capping equipment and pumping equipment of the leading European manufacturers as well as stop valves. Our advantage is the possibility of manufacturing of capacitive equipment and service platforms directly at the enterprise of the customer.

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5140, Lyaskovets


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